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15 New Companions For The New Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Tired of wearing a generic watch strap on your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active?
15 Amazing Companions For The New Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Having an active lifestyle requires a consistent workout routine, healthy diet, sleep, and dedication. With that comes constant progress tracking, which means you’ll wear out your default smart watch strap in no time. If you’re like us, you’ll have watch bands like our Samsung Galaxy Watch Active collection so you don’t get bored with your smart watch and always wear it in style. You can simply pick out a robust one that matches your look and watch.

Having alternate watch straps in your closet is a great idea if you are in need for a quick change of style. Sometimes, a strap simply gets worn out and needs replacement. Whatever your reasons, we recommend some guidelines to determine if you need an alternate watch strap:

You are Bored with the Look of Your Watch

That’s a clear indicator that you are in the market for a new watch strap 🙂 Hop right in and browse our selection of watch straps for your smartwatch.

Browse  through our Strap Configurator

Letting go of the default Samsung Galaxy Watch Active watch strap can be tricky because you have grown familiar with the look and have incorporated it with your style. However,  the default strap might not spark joy for you on certain occasions, so what do you do? We say keep it but find one that you will definitely wear.

Look Out for Signs of Wear

The first thing you have to consider is that some materials of your watch strap will get worn out quicker than others. Do you go for a run regularly? Generic watch straps tend to lose their sleek finish due to rain and sweat. With a shabby watch band, your smart watch might look all dull and worn out. Try on the new Active Textile, a perky textile watch strap handcrafted with reflective materials to enhance visibility during low-light adventures.

Explore Active Textile

With our textile watch strap, you can now brave the outdoors safely and in style. You don’t have to compromise one for the other.

Check the Buckle

Just like with your belt buckle, the buckle of your watch band has to be tight to fasten your timepiece to the wrist. Never wear your Samsung Galaxy Watch Active with a loose strap buckle, otherwise, you lose a very costly watch/gadget while on a jog. The buckle usually can be easily fixed by a watchmaker, but you can also just easily buy and replace your old watch strap.

Put on a trusty and durable watch band, such as the Active Rubber watch strap, which is made with high-quality FKM rubber. The Active Rubber watch strap is durable and keeps your favorite timepiece in place during the most daunting activities. It comes as a set of two colors, which you can mix and match as you please.

Explore Active Rubber

Take your adventure to great heights with a durable rubber watch strap.

Ask Yourself, “Does it Spark Joy”

Marie Kondo could not have said it any better: “The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now.” This also applies to your watch strap. We should let go of possessions that no longer represent us. Luckily we have some options that might better fit the new you and transform your watch into something entirely new that reflects your personality.

Strike a balance between style and performance with the Active Leather. Our watch strap is made of premium Italian leather and comes in classic and vibrant colors.

Explore Active Leather

However, sprucing up your style does not have to be limited to the classics. You can always step it up a bit and try a more glammed up collection. Try our Active Leather Rose watch strap can it make your entire outfit look sharp instantly.

Extra: Dress Up for the Occasion

Styling your wrist can be quite the challenge when you have a very active lifestyle but have just one go-to smartwatch. Let alone only one strap. Make your life easier by having choices when needed: you can go classic or aim for an avant-garde look with a bright-colored watch band. Just make sure the watch strap complements your wardrobe well.

The Active Leather Dress is perfect for dressing up in style with a pop of color, highlighting your prized Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Try our Active Leather Dress Green-Orange strap.

Explore Active Leather Dress

From work to play, you can be sure that we have the right watch strap for the occasion. Our Samsung Galaxy Active strap collections make sure you live the best time of your life while showing off your dynamic personality.

Whichever watch strap that best matches your active lifestyle should be presentable, reliable, practical, and show your true self. Buy a watch accessory that meets your needs whatever you do or whenever you do it. Choose the watch strap that represents YOU.

Need more ideas? Search through our Strap Configurator for the perfect strap for your active lifestyle or browse through our shop.

Keep on strapping!

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