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Wear It Like A Boss: The Best Watch Strap to Wear At Work

Match your Galaxy Watch with your work outfit. Dress for the occasion and wear it like a boss. The right watch strap will give you an extra boost of confidence.
Strap Studio Blog: Wear It Like A Boss

Upgrade your style and dress like a boss by getting the best strap for your Samsung Galaxy Watch!

A person with a good watch is unstoppable. Be the boss you are, look the part, stay true to yourself and manage your time and chosen lifestyle.

Be fashionable and prepared for anything with the help of your best life assistant: your Samsung Galaxy Watch. From answering important calls up to reminders of your next tasks and appointments, this watch is an excellent companion for you.

Confidently stylish

Wear confidence on your wrist. Enhance your Samsung Galaxy watch with a high-quality watch strap that will make you look and feel fearless as you tackle everything at work.

Wondering which watch strap looks best? Leather is a classic choice for a watch band for its durability, versatility, and high-quality material that ensures a long-lasting strap for users. The soft, supple, and luxurious look also makes it an easy choice to look and feel like a boss.

Strap Studio has a collection of premium leather watch straps. Check out our top picks and find the right strap for you to look your best at work!

The classic

Look and feel like a classic gentleman with the Novonappa® Hybrid and Serafil® Prime strap collections. These watch straps have a luxurious finish that shows elegance and features high-performance that meets your standards.

The Novonappa® Hybrid comes with a sleek and smooth design crafted with premium French calf leather. Meanwhile, the Serafil® Prime sports an embossed calf leather from Italy.

Choose between brown or black leather colors available, suitable for the workplace with strict dress code. The straps are also a go-to choice if you fancy going out for dinner or any smart occasions.

The Serafil® Prime and the Novonappa® Hybrid collections are designed with the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 in mind. However, the straps also look great on other Samsung Galaxy Watch models with a lug size of 20mm and 22mm respectively. 

Work and play

For a boss who loves to work hard and play hard, the Active Leather Dress Collection has the right straps for you. The watch straps are made with genuine leather and come in classic or bright colors that will draw the eye or simply add a pop of color and personality to an otherwise professional, monochrome outfit. 

Another timeless and durable choice for you is the Essence Collection with grade-A hand-finished French calf leather. The watch straps are manufactured in the same traditional “maroquinerie” manner as used on luxury brands.

Be a trendsetter. These gorgeous watch straps can take on any physical activity or sport. Suitable for any Galaxy Watch with a lug size of 20mm.

Posh and chic

Want to add color to your watch? Looking like a boss doesn’t mean you just have to stick with the basic colors. Find something that matches your personality.

Any boss who wants to have a fashionable, sophisticated, and powerful look will love the Urban Dress collection. The watch straps are crafted with premium nappa leather from Italy and come in three colors: rose, phonebox, and lamb.

Balance the attractive and modern look for your Galaxy Watch with the Technogel® Balance collection. Featuring slim watch bands with bio-compatible leather combined with world-famous Technogel™. This gives any wearer a flattering and comfortable watch for any busy workday.

Want to see how the watch straps look on your Galaxy Watch? Check out the Strap Finder for your perfect watch strap or browse all our premium watch straps!
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